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do you ever get sad attacks and it drains you and you’re just left sitting there like wow this is so uncalled for rude



late night grump doodles plus some grumpy sailor moon.

arin, suzy and dan.

i still need to figure out, how to draw arins hair, his eye shape and the beard. something still bothers me.
 and yep i made a sketch of rosarin/arilina again.

i tried to draw suzy more disney-styled. my inspiration was meg. so this would be my version of disney princess suzy  queen suzy.

OMG!! Amazingness!!


The Incredibles (2004)

Rest In Peace Elizabeth Peña


So because I was curious about the peacock theme I did some research on the symbolism surrounding them. Apparently it is very similar to the symbolism of the phoenix. They, like the phoenix, are linked to immortality, beauty, benevolence, wisdom, and most commonly rebirth. (Apparently people thought of peacocks to be kind of like a descendant or relative of the phoenix)

Although apparently the type of symbolism surrounding them depends on the place, for Japan specifically it represents not only what it has in common with the phoenix, but love, nurturing, watchfulness, good will, compassion, and kindheartedness. People around it are also thought to blessed with good health, and depending on interpretation their feathers can be either good or bad luck to others.

Other countries also thought the peacock was associated with integrity, royalty, guidance, and protection. It was thought that when they show their true colors, it helps give others more color in their own lives.

I can’t help but think that the majority, if not all of these things, can be applied both to Sakura and to Fai. They are always watching out for the others (kind of like the eyes on the peacocks feathers). They both are very nurturing to the group, and they both are compassionate and kindhearted to everyone around them. They both have that gentle spirit that portrays wisdom and beauty, and they both provide protection for their group.

Also the text from the translation says “Behind the gentle smile. Therein lies kindness and strength” this says a lot about their characters and also shows the types of strength they both possess. But it also makes me think about the bit about showing their true colors. I am unsure if this also can be said of Sakura, but with Fai his smile was something that he hid behind, so when he finally showed his true self and truly smiled for everyone it was very gentle and kind. It definitely took strength to finally be able to get to that point.

Now referring to the colors, both of their color schemes blend in nicely with the picture, as well as allowing them to contrast, and have the pattern of the peacock feathers without it being too noticeable. Fai in particular works really well color wise because the blues match the body of the peacock, and the eyes of the feathers.

I can see why CLAMP decided to use peacock imagery with these two, it fits them and who they are very well and provides a beautiful vibrant chapter cover.