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Hey-o, I'm Briah! Here you'll find CLAMP, Kingdom Hearts, and a bunch of other things that you might love/despise.

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airbending masteeers~ I’d say they’re about 21 (kai) and 19 here (jinora)??

someone should really make me draw something else…you know, besides these two…


The universe Nickelodeon hates Chibi Korra. 



//dr spoilers //death mention

Love’s Bittersweet Melody

Hello, this is my first time submitting a long fic to this blog. Not to mention, it’s also my first Character/Reader fic (this one’s Ishimaru/Reader). I’ve had this draft in my head for a long time, but never…

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Ah okay. Yeah I was gonna say I know they already…

It’s honestly a case of Nickelodeon screwing this show over, and it’s unfortunate because it’s such a great show….


monster boyfriends are a lot of work you have to feed them and groom them and walk them on a regular basis